History Lovers Rejoice! Two new history databases

The study of history is one of the richest and most rewarding pursuits of human knowledge, IMHO. The problem is textbooks don't always tell the story in a way that gets us very excited. Ever wish you could cut through the dense paragraphs and see what all the fuss is about?

Now you can.

The library has two history databases that are very easy to use and understand.

The first is American History in Video. This is a collection of nearly 5000 video clips of either primary source footage (like WWII newsreels or Martin Luther King's famous speeches) as well secondary source commentary from reputable sources like Discovery Channel and History Channel. What are you waiting for? Give it a try.

If you love history or world culture, you are going flip over Daily Life Through History. This database used to be called Daily Life Online. It has always been useful, but now it has a simpler, easy to navigate interface. The Idea Exchange feature brings ideas together through focus questions like "Are contemporary women’s lives substantially better now than in the past?" or "How was the life of the common person most affected by the Industrial Revolution?"

Fascinating stuff. Let us know what you think. Post your comments to this blog.

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