Start That Paper Now! Procrastination Kills!

Just 5 days to Spring Break 2012! By now, you've probably got a major project or research paper that you are stressing about but haven't started. Stressing doesn't have to be the first step in getting started. It shouldn't be your last.

Need help getting started on a big research project? Your library can help.

  1. Try the Assignment Calculator. Research papers feel huge until you realize they are made up of a series of smaller, logic steps. The Assignment Calculator helps you see these steps and set yourself realistic deadlines to meet each one. You can find the Assignment Calculator from our webpage from Get Help > Assignment Calculator.
  2. Use Research Guides to simplify the library. Your library offers books, eBooks, magazine, journals, eJournals, videos, databases and much more. Don't get overwhelmed by all the stuff we've got to offer. Research Guides can help simplify the library finding process and help you discover the most useful resources for your subject area quickly. You can find Research Guides from our webpage from Find > Research Guides.
  3. Ask Us! If you are feeling stuck, it might help to talk to a librarian about your project and get ideas on how to get started.
Don't stay stuck! Don't wait! Get started now so you can enjoy the break and do great work.

Got other advice to help students get started? Post in the comments.

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